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Lance Armstrong apologizes to staff ahead of Oprah Winfrey interview

Former Tour de France champion cyclist Lance Armstrong sat down for a heart to heart interview with Oprah Winfrey today but first he...

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Charlie Sheen apologizes for gay slur

Charlie Sheen once again shocked the entertainment world last week when he shouted out a homophobic slur at the opening of his new...


Ke$ha backtracks on comment that she was ‘forced’ to sing ‘Die Young’

Ke$ha’s hit song “Die Young” has been pulled out of rotation at radio stations around the country in the wake of the shootings...


Coco apologizes to hubby Ice-T for inappropriate photos

Ice may love Coco but he’s none to happy with his blond bombshell wife this week as images emerged of her looking cozy...


Psy performers at White House just days after anti-American performance surfaces

Just days after a 2004 performance featuring anti-American lyrics surfaced, Gangnam Style rapper Psy took to the stage at the White House to...


Kim Kardashian apologizes for Israel-Palestine Tweets

Kim Kardashian issued a statement today apologizing for the comments she made on Twitter yesterday in regards to the increased violence between Palestine...

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Victoria’s Secret issues apology over use of headdress in fashion show

Victoria’s Secret came under some heavy fire over the weekend, drawing complaints of ignorance of history and tribal culture, after one of their...

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Hulk Hogan reaches settlement in sex tape law suit

Former pro-wrestler Hulk Hogan has decided to abandon his lawsuit against former BFF Bubba the Love Sponge in light of the shock jocks...


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