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Prince William and Kate Middleton – Stars Aligned for Love and Marriage

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Prince William and Kate Middleton – Stars Aligned for Love and Marriage

Prince William and Kate Middleton were heavenly aligned from birth. Psychic and Clairvoyant sensing have confirmed their compatibility for a long and successful love filled union. Here are some interesting tidbits about each.

Prince William
The prince was born on June 21, 1982 under the star sign of Cancer, a water sign indicating a sensitive nature with love of family and friends. While born into a life of luxury, Prince William the elder son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana; he was also exposed to the average lifestyles of individuals not so privileged. He visited homeless shelters with his mother, Princess Diana, chose most of his close associates from outside the royal circle, and elected to he a working royal with a job that voluntarily can place him in harms way. He is a trained helicopter co-pilot in the Royal Air Force assigned to Search and Recue missions where assignments are generally of the most dangerous type. To date all medium readings and tarot reading have predicted a long and accomplished career. In February 2011 he served as a Patron for the 600th anniversary of St. Andrews University, the school where he first met Kate Middleton in 2001. Prince William is very athletic and his favorite sport is Rugby. He is the Vice Royal Patron of the Welsh Rugby Union. He married Kate in April 2011 and they live in Wales where he is currently stationed. Before the marriage Prince William only had one brother, Prince Harry, and now he knows what it means to have a sister, Kate’s younger sister, Pippa.

Kate Middleton
Kate was born on January 9, 1982 under the star sign of Capricorn, an earth sign indicating a strong nature with defense of family and friends. In her Royal Union the Prince is the higher in rank and position, but Kate is the elder, being six months older than her husband. Not exactly as luxurious a lifestyle as that of Prince William, Kate was born into a family of means. Her father, like her husband, was a pilot and her mother was a stewardess before they started the family business that has earned them millionaire status. Like Prince William, Kate is the eldest of the family’s three children. Kate’s engagement ring was the same ring Prince Charles gave to Princess Diana in 1981. Prince William has said that the ring brings his late mother’s spirit to their union. Psychics have predicted this to be a true match made in heaven with their sensitivity to each other’s thoughts and emotions. This was clearly in evidence when Kate asked Prince William, “Are you Happy?”, as they drove away from their wedding. The Middleton Coat-of-Arms was merged with Prince William’s Coats-of-Arms when they married. Kate is atypical from other future Queens of England in that she has chosen to live in a small Welsh village with her husband and perform the normal routine tasks of any common housewife.

The Royal Couple
As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton are a modern inspiration for British royalty and the younger generation around the world. They are a shining example that true love is alive and well. Their star signs, with astrological concurrence, are aligned for their continued aspirations as real soul mates for life.

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