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Miguel’s Leg Victim To Possibly Pursue A Case

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Social media went haywire a few weeks ago when Miguel crash landed on a fan at the Billboard Music Awards. According to TMZ, there might be a case behind the incident. Khyati Shah may have suffered brain damage, says her lawyer.

During his performance at the Billboard Music Awards, Miguel leaped into the crowd and his leg landed on an onlooker, Khyati Shah. Shah’s lawyer, Vip Bhola, says “some of the difficulties she’s experiencing are cognitive in nature and lead to suspicion of a neurological head injury.”

After the incident, Shah was seen backstage and only given an ice pack, designed to soothe a bruised elbow, reports TMZ. Shah’s lawyer insists that his client should have been rushed to the hospital to get a proper evaluation.

Bhola states that his client is waiting on results from a neurologist to see if they have a case. The results should be in next week and then they will decide if they should pursue a lawsuit.

This isn’t the first fall that Miguel has suffered. The performer is beginning to create a name for himself as one who falls off stage during shows. This, however, is the first incident that someone was hurt in the crossfire.

Shanika Simmons


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