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Kitten Rescued From Inside Abraham Lincoln Statue

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A cute little kitten was rescued from inside an Abraham Lincoln statue after three days thanks to some caring firefighters and public. No one knows how the tiny kitten managed to get in there, but they knew they had to get him out. “I don’t see how a little kitten, a 3-week old kitten could have gotten up there,” Daniel Davis of the Humane Society told the station. “It couldn’t crawl up there.”

The tiny kitten’s cries could be heard by employees working at the Presidents Hall of Fame, and they alerted the authorities so they could come save it. The Humane Society and Minneola Fire Department had to drill a hole in the statue and climb inside the statue in order to get it out, and it went just as planned. The kitten is now out and doing just fine.

Signed, Isidori Mtabo


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