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Justin Bieber Will Not Be Charged With Marijuana

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Justin Bieber will be breathing a little easier today after the news that he will not be questioned or charged following the drug raid on his tour bus in Sweden last week.

Swedish police found drugs and an unlicensed stun gun on Bieber’s bus after becoming aware of the strong smell of marijuana coming form the bus.

Celebuzz has now spoken to the Stockholm County Police Press Officer Kjell Lengren, who said: “Justin will not be questioned because no one was on the bus when we searched it. So you don’t know who to press charges against.

“As far as I know there is no further case,” Lengren added.

The press officer explained that the bus was in a garage when an officer smelt a strong odor of marijuana and called for the bus to be searched.

“It was suspected someone was using drugs and a small amount of suspected marijuana or has was found,” Lengren said, adding that it would be about two weeks before lab test result came back.

The stun gun that was found is also not allowed in Sweden without proper permission.

But no one who was travelling on the bus is going to face charges for either possession of the weed or the stun gun.

“There was no one on the bus when it was searched. Everyone had already left to go to the concert,” Lengren explained

“Because the bus was empty we have no suspect to describe or question. So we don’t know who to question.

“We don’t know who was in it when it left the Grand Hotel (where Bieber was saying). We’ve got to have a reason to question somebody in Sweden and we didn’t. So we can’t just pick anyone. We try to find the right suspect.

“We also don’t know when it [the suspected manijuana and stun gun] was put on the bus or if it had been there for a long time. The bus came from Norway so it could have been put on the bus before.

“That’s why we can’t question him.”

Justin will be pleased, now he can concentrate on performing and enjoying his reignited relationship with Selena Gomez, which he confirmed with a recent Instagram post.


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