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Jenniffer Hardwick (“The Fun-Loving Firecracker”) Of Bad Girls Club Season 10

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Jenniffer Hardwick, aka “The Fun-Loving Firecracker,” is one of the girls who replaced another castmate once they got kicked out the house for fighting or beating up another girl.

Bad Girls Club Atlanta was always known for the cut chicks on the show, but Hardwick took the cake with her good looks and the classy way she carries herself. Hardwick replaced Janae Bradford after her big fight on the show, and quickly became a fan fav on the show, winning people over in the house as well.

Hardwick comes from the streets of San Bernardino, CA and always keeps the party live wherever she goes, earning the nickname “The Fun Loving Firecracker. Although she seems sweet, she is definitely one chick you have to keep your eye on or she’ll sneak up on you and surprise you.



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