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Dexter (Showtime) Season 7 Episode 1 RECAP

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In the gripping season opener for the hit Showtime television series Dexter many old relationships surface as new relationships take form.  At the end of the sixth season the series concluded with Debra Morgan stumbling onto Dexter Morgan’s murder of Travis Marshall. Debra Morgan is forced to either turn her brother Dexter over to the Miami Metro Police Department or help him cover up the murder scene she has just witnessed.  The choice for Debra ultimately boiled down to her commitment and love of her family, namely Dexter over what would be seen as ‘morally right’. Some images of the action unfolding in Episode 1 of Season 7:

Debra Morgan heads over to the local gas station to pump a few gallons of gasoline while Dexter begins cleaning up the church and sanctuary, where Travis Marshall’s dead body is now on display.  When Debra returns, Dexter ignites the gasoline and sets the entire place ablaze to remove and burn any trace of their guilt and evidence left at the scene.  For the first time ever Dexter Morgan is now faced with the harsh reality of exposing his lifestyle to someone who could alarm the police.  Up until now the only people aware of his ‘dark passenger’ and habits are the people he kills right before they die and a few others that tried to expose him (ironically they all ended up dying too). This new development completely changes the relationship between Debra Morgan and Dexter Morgan as she begins to piece together all the events that has transpired throughout the show.  She realizes that the way she was once tied up on a metal pan was very similar to the way Dexter had tied up Travis Marshall and ‘prepped him’ for killing.  Debra also begins to question whether or not Dexter has murdered before.  She begins drawing on many different feelings and thoughts to conclude that in fact Dexter is quite possibly a serial killer.  These thoughts and accusations come full circle as Dexter walks into the house and finds Debra looking through all of his killing instruments, blood slides, and killing trophies. The ending scene of Episode 1 of Season 7 of Dexter is Debra asking her brother this simple question:

Are You…A Serial Killer?


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