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Braxton Family Values Star Trina Braxton Files For Divorce

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Braxton Family Values star Traci Braxton has officially filed for divorce to her husband Grabriel Adrian Solis, reports TMZ.

The couple shared many rocky marital moments that played out on the reality show. The two had separated in the past due to Solis’ extramarital affairs. Grabriel admitted  to cheating on Traci with numerous women in the past, but he wasn’t alone. Traci also cheated on her husband which resulted in the ending of the matrimony. Viewers of the Family Values are happy to see the pair split after the drama they’ve caused on the series, including Gabriel’s very public internet romance with a transgendered woman.

Just this May, Trina Braxton was all for working on her marriage. She told S4S Magazine that she was trying her “damndest” to save what she felt was worth it at the time. She forgone her sister’s advice to leave giving her cheating husband the benefit of the doubt.

Braxton filed official divorce documents in a Georgia court last week, claiming the marriage is irretrievably broken to the point of no repair. According to TMZ, the pair is currently living in separate homes.

Trina states that she is working on a financial agreement with her estranged husband, which will split up both assets and debt. Braxton is asking for a total divorce leaving no hope for any kind of reconciliation.

The couple was married in August of 2003 and have been officially separated as of March 2013.

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