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Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Episode 2 Recap – “Spaghetti Coffee”

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Two episodes into the new season of Boardwalk Empire and things are starting to take shape and give us insight into the drama that’s set to unfold this season. As always, spoilers will be all over this recap so if you do not wanna know what happens then you should stop reading right now…

This episode of Boardwalk Empire, titled “Spaghetti Coffee”, laid the groundwork for the things that are to come in this season. Violence wise there wasn’t any killing going on, but we did get to see a bit of blood. We’ll get into that a little later. The episode started with Nucky in NYC with his mistress Billie, who he’s been secretly having an affair with for what seems like quite some time. Nucky is in NYC to pay his protection money to the senator’s middleman, but while there he gets more than he bargained for. While lounging away in Billie’s apartment, he finds another man’s razor in her bathroom meaning he isn’t the only guy she’s seeing if you catch my drift.

Back home in Atlantic City Nucky’s brother Eli gets out of jail and is shocked to see that his brother sent Mickey Doyle to pick him up, at one point asking Mickey “How the fuck are you still alive?” Eli is more pissed to find out that he is now working for Mickey as a simple employee and not even one of the high ranking members. Eli gets home to see his family and is shocked to see his oldest son is now all grown up and taking care of the family by getting a job at the lumber yard, and they don’t share the bond that they once had.

Gyp Rosetti makes his move against Nucky by taking over the one gas station Nucky’s team would have to fill up at to deliver their goods to NYC to Arnold. This is both a smart and dangerous move because Gyp has one of the biggest suppliers of booze by the balls, which is practically an act of war. Although from what we saw in the first episode, Gyp isn’t the type of person to take disrespect lightly, so he’s probably prepared for whatever outcome.

Elsewhere we get to see Chalky White in this episode and he has his own set of issues. His daughter’s boyfriend tells Chalky that he is 2 years away from becoming a doctor and he would like to marry his daughter. He does a quick health check on Mr. White that impresses him so much that he agrees to allow the boy to marry his daughter. Once home Chalky sits down to talk to his daughter about it and she expresses that she does not wanna marry the boy because he is too plain and boring, and she would rather have an exciting man like her gangster father. This leads to a startling conclusion that I just won’t spoil for you.

Overall this was a fairly decent episode which lagged at times. But I think it set things up beautifully for the remainder of the season and I cant wait to see how things end up playing out.

Signed, Isidori Mtabo




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