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5 Things You Might Not Know About Corporate Entertainment

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You have your special event planned. The date is set and the venue has been selected. You have taken care of all details, but you still have to book the entertainment!

Here are five things you might not know about booking corporate and event entertainment

Book Early – Even though there are 365 days in a year, in the world of corporate events there are much fewer “prime dates” to choose from. The day of the week, the major conflicts such as big ball games, concerts and the time of the year are critical. Any act that is the “quality” you will want, will be in demand for other events. To be able to have a wide range of quality entertainment choices be ahead of the curve. Start inquiries as soon as possible.


Utilize an Entertainment Professional – Unless you have seen a potential act “live” and ‘in action,” you should highly consider utilizing a company that is an entertainment specialist. In your initial consultation they will take the time to understand your goals and will suggest several entertainment options to choose from. In many cases they will know if the act is available for your date. It is common to ask if you can see the act “live” at another location, If that is not possible ask to see a video of the talent. Any “quality act “will have many very happy former clients, and will be glad to give them to you. Take the time to call 2 or 3 of these references. Ask them how it went and if they can give you any tips on how to make the evening even better.


Advance the Show – It is critical that you really listen and understand; what are the entertainers needs? Remember you want a great and memorable performance. Even the best of acts can fall flat on their face if they are not given the proper tools and environment.

These items include:

  • a stage so that they can be high enough for your guests to see them.
  • Adequate power for them to operate the sound and lighting equipment.
  • Do they need you to provide sound and lighting? If so, understand the difference between professional sound and a rinky dink in- house system


Each performing group should provide you an “entertainment rider” that will spell out what their needs are. Take the time to study this. If you don’t understand an item, ask the “talent” these questions. Always remember you are partners in making the corporate event the best it can be. You both have the same goals! If you ever feel over your head, then look into hiring a “entertainment producer” to take care of the details.


Timing is everything – The timing on when your act performs is critical. This is especially true if they need a captive audience, with all attention on the stage. A comedian will never be funny, if people are eating and servers are serving while doing their act. Earlier I said, understand your talent, what they do, what they need. This way you can work closely with them on what the proper time is to provide the ‘best show.”


Take Care of your Entertainment Provider – Always provide a place for your talent to hang out before the show. Many times they will be the first to arrive and the last to leave, as they may have equipment that needs to be set up and torn down. A “green room” is a necessity. The last thing you want is for you guests to see the talent just hanging around. Provide them will a nice meal. You can reserve a table for them, have them sit and associate with your guests, or feed them in the green room. Remember a full entertainer is a happy entertainer. A happy entertainer will do a much better job for you.


David Thomas is an experienced corporate magician and entertainer who has over 20 years of event industry experience as the owner of Shows In A Box Event Entertainment.


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