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State Attorney Urges Court To Reject Conrad Murray’s Appeal

Conrad Murray

Conrad Murray, the doctor deemed responsible for the death of Michael Jackson, has appealed his involuntary manslaughter conviction stemming from that case. But that appeal has hit a snag.

Supervising Deputy Attorney General Victoria B. Wilson wrote a filing in response to Murray’s appeal saying that the former doctor’s own lawyers missed several opportunities to object to a judge’s rulings in the case. Wilson also stated that jurors in the case had overwhelming evidence that Murray was directly responsible for Jackson’s death.

Murray is still behind bars after being sentenced to four years for providing Jackson with the anesthetic propofol, which the singer overdosed on in his bedroom.

“The record shows that (Murray) was playing Russian roulette with Mr. Jackson’s life over the course of several months,” Wilson wrote.

Murray’s attorney Valerie Wass had appealed the conviction in April, arguing that the judge made a mistake by not allowing jurors to hear evidence about Jackson’s troubled finances, his contract with concert giant AEG Live LLC, and by not sequestering the jury and allowing television coverage.


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