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Sam Lutfi says Britney Spears shaved head to pass drug test

Sam Lutfi, former manager for Miss Britney Spears took the stand again yesterday to explain to the court why the singer famously shaved her head back in February of 2007. Lutfi is testifying as part of a breach-of-contract and defamation case against Spears’ parents and he continues to claim that he was protective of Spears and attempted to keep her sober and her career on track. Lutfi told the court that Spears shaved her head for fear that she would fail an upcoming drug test. “She told me she wanted to get clean but she was struggling with it. I told her it was very difficult to kick a drug habit…but I told her she needed to do it. I explained to her that society was not going to tolerate a mother with two kids abusing drugs.”

Surprising the defense is not arguing with Lutfi on this point. Attorneys for both Spears and her parents admitted in court that Spears was using drugs at the time of the incident but they are contending the fact that Lutfi claims to have been her manager. According to Lutfi’s testimony the two met at a club back in 2007 when Spears approached him and asked him for his hat. Shortly after Spears began to text and call him on a regular basis while she was struggling with her custody battle with ex Kevin Federline. By June of 2007, Spears was referring to Lutfi as her manager and bringing him along to meetings with her record label. Lutfi claims that Spears had fired her entire management team and cut off contact with her parents when she offered him the job as her manager, making 15% of her income. Lutfi acknowledges that he never had a formal contract in writing with Spears as to their arrangement but maintains that they had an oral contract that he would manager her for 4 years. Spears herself will not be appearing in court for the case as a judge ruled her incompetent to testify.

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