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Rapper Nas runs afoul of the Georgia tax man

Looks like Nas has been negligent in keeping up on his taxes and now both he, and the state of Georgia are hoping for a windfall from his upcoming concert tour.

The Department of Revenue had filed court papers in an attempt to collect the $1,083,435 they claim the rapper owes from 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2010 and now they have the green light to take a million dollars from his tour earnings.

The Depart of Revenue has issued an order to Live Nation, the promotion company behind Nas’s tour, to turn over all of the rapper’s earnings until his debt is settled. The tour is expected to bring in a huge amount of money and that’s a good thing considering that Nas also owes millions in unpaid taxes to the federal government. The rappers reps have claimed that the issue has been settled but judging by the latest court actions, the government is still attempting to collect.

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