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Pop star Shakira sued by ex-boyfriend

Colombian beauty Shakira is being sued by her ex-boyfriend, Antonio de la Rue, for $100 million, as he claims that he acted as her business manager and was the “principal architect” of the campaign that made her famous. Because of his part in managing her career he is seeking to “recover his share of past and future partnership profits.”

The two met back in 2000, after la Rue had successfully managed his father’s presidential campaign in Argentina. A short time later, Shakira became upset that her first world tour had lost money and fired her manager, asking la Rue to step in. According to la Rue, the two agreed that he would receive a share of her profits “in exchange for the contribution of his business and marketing skills, knowledge and expertise.”

Shakira, in the meantime, has filed a counter suit, claiming that la Rue misappropriated funds by giving himself unauthorized bonuses and using business funds for personal expenses.

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