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Paramore Releases New Single “Now”


Paramore is back with a new album and single. The 80’s inspired track “Now” is the first single off the groups highly anticipated self-titled album album, “Paramore”.

The hard hitting track, infuses the melodic voice of Hayley Williams with the drum and guitar music from Jeremy Davis and Taylor York. This is the first release from the group since the departure of Josh and Zac Farro. the new single has been compared to that of the 90’s band No Doubt.

Paramore announced the new album back in December on their official website, and has officially released the first single, “Now”. The group felt that the ska track was a perfect way to return with their fourth album. “It just feels like the perfect way to start this new journey we are embarking on not only as a band but as a movement,” they said on their website. “To show people that you can lose battles but come back and win full on wars. You can rise from ashes. You can make somersetting out of even less than nothing. The only thing you have to do is keep moving forward.”

The album will be released on April 9. Along with “Now”, the album will include tracks entitled “Fast in My Car”, “DayDreaming”, “Ain’t It Fun”, and “Hate To See Your Heartbreak” to name a few.

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