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New Natalie Wood coroner’s report


Natalie Wood’s death remains one of Hollywood’s greatest mysteries and regardless of a new inquest; it does appear that any light will be shed on the events of the night of her death. The Los Angeles County Coroner’s office issued a report today revealing the results of their renewed investigation.

According to their findings, “there were recent bruises to the back of the left thigh. A few day old bruises were on the back of the right thigh and knee but there were fresh bruises and scratches to the right posterior leg.”

Natalie Wood is believed to have accidentally drowned after falling off a yacht back in 1981. Her husband Robert Wagner, who was onboard at the time, claimed that she may have been attempting to retie a dinghy that was banging against the boat and slipped. The death was originally ruled an accident but the case was reopened in August of 2012 and the cause of death was changed to “undetermined.”

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