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Johnny Lewis: struggles with mental health issues revelead

Johnny Lewis, the star best known for his role as Half-Sack on the television series ‘Sons of Anarchy, came to a violent and tragic end this week and it seems that family and friends had long been worried about the troubled young actor. On Wednesday afternoon Lewis allegedly beat and strangled his landlady to death and assaulted several neighbors before falling from the roof his own home and according to court records this was not Lewis’s first run in with violence. The actor has been arrested several times in the past year and had been released from jail only 5 days before his death. Family members say that early in the year Lewis suffered a psychotic breakdown after a drug trip gone wrong and hasn’t been the same ever since. The trouble started last January when Lewis attacked two men with a bottle and continued up until his death despite attempts at counceling and medication. Lewis’s caise of death is still being investigated as the medical examiner on the case awaits toxicology reports.

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