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Joey Quinn – Cast of Dexter TV Series on Showtime

Joey Quinn

Joey Quinn is one of the guys at Miami Metro Police’s homicide division and has a huge role in the hit television series Dexter on HBO.  At one point he and Dexter Morgan seem to be enemies when he is dating Dexter’s sister Debra Morgan, but eventually comes around to being a pretty cool guy.

Quick Bio from Wikipedia:

Quinn was originally a Narcotics cop. During his time in Narcotics, Quinn helped Anton Briggs out of a drug bust in exchange for making him his personal confidential informant while paying his dues out of his own money (while lying that Anton was officially an informant with time left to get off scot-free). Quinn at one point inherited his uncle’s house as well as a new car that came with it.

He tends to have a generally extroverted and outgoing personality, but at times when under stress or insulted, he can become extremely angry and tends to lash out at the people around him. He has a habit of constantly swearing, and also is not afraid to speak his mind whenever he feels he should.


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