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Britney Spears to leave X-Factor


Britney Spears has decided not to return for a second season of Simon Cowell’s The X-Factor. The news comes as no surprise to sources close to the show who were disappointed with last season’s lackluster ratings and Spears’ increasingly bizarre behavior.

Spears decided to jump ship before she was asked to leave by Cowell, who has been less than pleased by what he considered to be “boring” critiques by Spears at the judges table. Spears was paid $15 million for this past season’s work and will now be focusing her time and energy of her music career and upcoming 8th album. No word yet as to who will be replacing Spears at the judges table and the show hasn’t officially announced the pop star’s departure. The news comes just two months after Simon Cowell announced that judge L.A. reed was also planning to leave the show.

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