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Bad Girls Club: Las Vegas Sneakpeek – Jenna via @oJennao

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Next up on Bad Girls Club: Las Vegas Sneakpeek is Jenna aka The Naughty New Yorker! On the first night in the house, drama was everywhere. Amy was up to no good getting some of the girls riled up. In the opening scene when Amy is fighting over which bed she gets ( Dani ) is in the scene as well with other characters, Jenna is mentioning how she does not want to deal with drama and really just wants to get excited for the pool party!

Sounds like fun Jenna, hopefully you can get the drama all stopped so that you girls can have a blast at the pool party, who doesn’t love a pool party… especially a bad girls pool party!!


The show is calling Jenna the “Naughty New Yorker”.


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