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Rapper Freddy E commits suicide at 22

The music world was saddened this week when the news was released that rapper Freddy E had taken his own life at the...


Deadmau5 and Kat Von D get engaged via Twitter

On again off again celebrity couple Kat Von D and Deadmau5 got engaged over the weekend after the Canadian DJ proposed to Von...


Coco apologizes to hubby Ice-T for inappropriate photos

Ice may love Coco but he’s none to happy with his blond bombshell wife this week as images emerged of her looking cozy...


The Pope joins Twitter, gets 370,000 followers

24 hours ago Pope Benedict joined Twitter with the handle @pontifex and already his holiness has gained 370,000 followers. Among the first to...


Rob Kardashian slams ex-girlfriend on Twitter

While it’s usually his famous sisters that bring the drama to social media, today it was Rob Kardasian’s turn to rattle the Twittersphere...


Donald Trump weighs in on Aubry-Martinez brawl

Donald Trump sure likes to dole out the advice to celebrities these days. The always opinionated billionaire took to Twitter to offer some...


Lady Gaga show support for Lindsay Lohan and Liz & Dick fallout continues

Lindsay Lohan hasn’t been getting much love from critics for her disappointing turn as the late Elizabeth Taylor in the new biopic Liz & Dick...


Kim Kardashian apologizes for Israel-Palestine Tweets

Kim Kardashian issued a statement today apologizing for the comments she made on Twitter yesterday in regards to the increased violence between Palestine...

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Kathy Bates Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

Kathy Bates revealed via Twitter today that she was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 months ago and has undergone a double mastectomy. “Hey...

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Ellen Page Receives Death Threats Via Twitter

Ellen Page, the 25 year old actress known for her roles in Juno and Whip It, has contacted police after receiving death threats...


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