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An Eminem & Chris Rock Collaboration?

A Funny Man Collaboration…Em & Chris Rock! Chris rocked posted a picture of himself with rapper Eminem while in the studio and then...


New Song and Album for Justin Timberlake

After a week of Twitter promotional stunts, actor, musician and MySpace backer Justin Timberlake announced plans to release his first new album since...


David Bowie releases new song after 10 year break

Fans and critics alike have long believed that the king of glam rock, David Bowie, had quietly settled into retirement. That’s why it...

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TLC plans to release first new album in a decade

TLC, the all-girl hip hop group, that brought us hits like “Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg,” “What About Your Friends,” and “Waterfalls” has...


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