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Donald Trump weighs in on Aubry-Martinez brawl

Donald Trump sure likes to dole out the advice to celebrities these days. The always opinionated billionaire took to Twitter to offer some...


Gabriel Aubry files restraining order, claims he was threatened before fight

Gabriel Aubry, ex-boyfriend to actress Halle Berry, may have been arrested and slapped with a restraining order for his role in the Thanksgiving...


Gabriel Aubry seen out sporting a black eye post-Thanksgiving brawl

Gabriel Aubry, Halle Berry’s ex and baby daddy, made his first appearance on Saturday since his major showdown with Olivier Martinez, Berry’s current...


Halle Berry puts restraining order on ex Gabriel Aubry

Whatever happened to ‘Tis the season’? Halle Berry is allegedly taking ex Gabriel Aubry back to court after an incident occurred on Thanksgiving.  Berry’s fiance and...


Halle Berry and daughter seen out and about after Thanksgiving Day brawl

It was less than a relaxing Thanksgiving for Halle Berry and her daughter, Nahla, after her fiancée Olivier Martinez got into a brawl...


Gabriel Aubry and Olivier Martinez get in Thanksgiving Day brawl

It was less than a tranquil Thanksgiving day for actress Halle Berry after her ex Gabriel Aubry got into a fight with her...


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