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Never-Ending Feud: Rihanna and Ciara

The most talked about celebrity feud thats been popping up frequently is the never-ending Rihanna and Ciara feud. It seems that Rihanna always has something...


Nicki Minaj says American Idol feud is for real

Nicki Minaj sat down with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show to once again explain that the feud between her and fellow American...


Lady Gaga suffers wardrobe malfunction during Vancouver concert

Sporting latex is risky business which Lady Gaga found out the hard way during her latest concert in Vancouver, Canada. The sexy pop...

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Sharon Osbourne accuses Lady Gaga of being a “Hypocrite” and “Bully”

What started out as a feud between Lady Gaga and Kelly Osbourne has turned into a family affair as mom Sharon Osbourne throws...


Feud heats up between former American Idol judge Steven Tyler and current judge Nicki Minaj

It appears that there is no love lost between former American Idol judge Steven Tyler and one of his replacements, Nicki Minaj as...


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