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Adam Levine and Usher Perform Stevie Wonder’s ‘Superstition’ Live on The Voice

If you missed the last episode of The Voice, then you missed on hell of an amazing performance.  But this time it wasn’t just the...


Big Sean’s Vlog Series “Imagination”

Big Sean, leading up to the release of his new album Hall of Fame, rolls out his new vlog explaining how the rapper’s...


VH1 Releases Trailer For Behind The Music: T.I.

The good folks over at VH1 are gearing up to release a Behind The Music episode for king of the south T.I. The episode will...


The Cleveland Show: Menace II Secret Society

Fox’s The Cleveland Show went all Illuminati last night on their latest episode, Menance II Secret Society. The episode has Kanye West return as Kenny West, who is...


Jay-Z Speaks On Obama Fundraiser

Jay-Z has come a long way from being a poor ghetto kid growing up in the infamous Marcy Projects. Jay-Z now owns several lucrative...


Shower Power in the Movies

Bathrooms have featured a lot in movies over the years. It seems that we Brit’s can’t get enough of toilet humour – be...


Harry Potter and the Inevitable Compensation Claim

You have to have been living under a very large rock not to have heard about the Harry Potter series. Charting the adventures...

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Rhino Horn Medical Myths

Rhino poaching has been on the lips of everyone nationally and internationally. With the help of social media the news has spread and...


Why Theatres Are Often Clustered in Cities Around The World

The reason why theatres or any other form of industry tend to be clustered in towns or cities must surely be due in...


Acura Apologizes For Racially Charged Language

Acura has come out and released a full apology after the story of how the car company’s casting call people sought an African...


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