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Girl Meets World Drops Teo Halm

Disney announced that it is announcing that it will be releasing “Girl Meets World”, but decided to cut it one actor short. The...


Disney Princesses As The Avengers?

So artist Christopher Stoll has created a new collection where he re-imagines Disney Princesses as The Avengers. The series is not yet complete but what...

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Disney’s “Aladdin” Set To Become Broadway Musical

  One of Disney’s most beloved animated films, Aladdin, is set to become the latest Broadway musical from Disney Theatrical Productions. Thomas Schumacher, president of...


George Lucas engaged to Mellody Hobson

It’s been a wild few months for George Lucas. First he sells his beloved Star Wars franchise to Disney and now the director...

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Star Wars episode seven under way as Disney purchases Lucasfilm

If you haven’t been following the news about Hurricane Sandy this week, then you’ve probably been following the second biggest story; Disney’s acquisition of George...

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Disney Buys Lucasfilm Ltd. For $4.05 Billion

In a move that no one saw coming, the Walt Disney Co. announced that they were buying George Lucas’s legendary Lucasfilm Ltd. film company for $4.05...

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Tragedy strikes the set of Disney’s ‘Lone Ranger’

Tragedy struck the set of Disney’s next blockbuster ‘Lone Ranger’ starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer. The studio issued a statement today confirming...

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“Avengers” pushes Disney to record profit in quarter

On the strength of Disney’s latest blockbuster, Avengers, the companies earnings rose 31 percent, exceeding Wall Street expectations, boosted by higher spending at...


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