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Lindsay Lohan facing up to 8 months in prison

Prosecutors are asking the judge to revoke Lindsay Lohan’s probation and if they get their way the troubled young star could be facing...


IRS seizes Lindsay Lohan’s bank accounts

Looks like there is no end to the trouble that actress Lindsay Lohan can find herself in. The young starlet has already had...


Katt Williams arrested in Seattle

Rapper and comedian Katt Williams was arrested last night after a bar fight broke out in Seattle, and he allegedly threatened bar patrons...


Lawyer for Lindsay Lohan claims no drugs or alcohol involved in last night’s arrest

While it may be hard to believe, Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer is maintaining that no drugs or alcohol were involved in the incident that...

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Man arrested for plot to open fire at Breaking Dawn theater

A tragedy has been averted as police arrested a 20 year old from Bolivar, MO who allegedly planned to shoot theater goers at...

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Avatar star, Sam Worthington, arrested in Georgia

Sam Worthington, star of ‘Clash of the Titans’ and Avatar was arrested in Atlanta, Georgia Saturday night after allegedly getting into a fight...

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Bobby Brown arrested for second DUI in 7 months

Bobby Brown was arrested early Wednesday morning for failing to pass a field sobriety test, making this the second DUI charge in only...


Lindsay Lohan hit and run incident revealed on surveillance video

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan was arrested Wednesday morning in New York City after allegedly hitting a pedestrian with her car and leaving the...

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Sally Struthers arrested for DUI

Actress Sally Struthers, as well known for her public service announcements as her roles on “All in the Family” and “The Gilmore Girls”...

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Michael Madsen arrested for DUI and later hospitalized

Actor Michael Madsen was arrested Wednesday in Malibu under suspicion of driving drunk on the Pacific Coast Highway. The actor was allegedly driving...


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