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Volvo Trucks Equipped With Premium Dual Clutch

Inspelning av Volvo reklamfilm i San Remo

Dual Clutch Makes Its Way To Volvo Trucks

The new i-Shift Dual Clutch makes it super easy for anybody to be able to drive a huge Volvo truck! To underscore this point Volvo set out on an interesting campaign recently where they show that their truck is similar to a sports car underneath the hood even though it is huge! To show the general audience this point they actually made a prank video where they have all of these regular cars show up to a high-end casino in Italy and then finally a huge Volvo truck shows up! The valet driver is seen on all of these hidden cameras as these other nice cars and couples come to the entrance and it is truly funny to see the expression on his face when this huge truck pulls up. He looks backwards to his superior when the huge Volvo truck pulls up, likely thinking… so what do I do with this? Anyways this video is truly funny and you should check it out.

Inspelning av Volvo reklamfilm i San Remo

As a business owner of an aerial drone videography business I must also say that some of the video shots in the beginning of the clip are quite nice where they show some fly in shots of the casino from up in the sky at night all lit up! We hope that you enjoy the video and let us know your thoughts in the comments. By the way we are also on Twitter and the other social networks, whether you want to tweet out EntertainTrain or me personally, @JoshBois of course! There are some other interesting features of these trucks, should you be interested in the true details, such as dynamic steering. I am going to include a little video at the bottom as well so that you can learn about another feature even though this isn’t the primary feature of the campaign. Important to note, when backing up the truck will automatically get the wheel back into a straight position so that you can backup easily and it is essentially power steering so you can just give little nudges and direction to the steering wheel and it will help to move the gigantic load that you have in the truck behind you!

Volvo Truck on High Way - High Tech Volvo Trucks Drivable By Consumers - Sponsored Volvo Review by Josh Bois Global Entrepreneur

Not only does this Volvo truck have this new clutch and amazing steering it actually looks really cool too so we hope that you check it out and if you are in the industry where you have the type of decision making power over any large vehicles you may need, this may be the one to get! IT seriously looks very luxurious and even fits into the video quite well despite the huge size of the vehicle!

Anyways, again let us know your thoughts in the comments below and check out the videos!

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