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VH1 Releases Trailer For Behind The Music: T.I.

The good folks over at VH1 are gearing up to release a Behind The Music episode for king of the south T.I. The episode will air right after his family’s reality show, which has been gaining more viewers with each episode. VH1 will take viewers through every high and low in T.I.’s life, including his numerous stints in prison.

We will also get to see what life was like for T.I., who grew up in the gritty streets of Bankhead and was forced to sell drugs in order to support his family. Seeing the streets as a dead end road T.I. decided to put his proceeds towards studio time and developing a career in music and entertainment, rather than slinging yayo. We’ll also see a long list of characters who were around T.I. before he became the hip-hop superstar he is today.

Check out the trailer for VH1’s Behing The Music: T.I. below:


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