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Transformers 4 Set Catches On Fire


Transformer 4 is already seeing some action. The movie set in Austin, Texas caught on fire while filming.

The attic in the house that the film is being shot in caught on fire around 7:30 pm on Tuesday, June 11. Firefighters were able to put out the flames before the fire spread and caused any more damages to the rest of the house. However, there was a civilian who was transported to a nearby hospital for injuries, reports E! News.

Mark Wahlberg and director Michael Bay reportedly sprang into action, helping grab equipment and costumes as they ran out of the burning house. There is no official word as to how the fire started, but E! News reports that it was due to a wiring catching on fire and is being ruled as accidental. KVUE News, however, claims that a crew member told them that the fire occurred during a “controlled explosion”. The latter is not so hard to believe considering that the film is action packed film.

Transformers 4 has a lot left to shoot as it prepares for its release this time next year. The film will go sans-Shia Labeouf, as Mark Wahlberg takes on the lead role. Bay stated that the film is moving towards a more mature direction and will encounter a lot of changes, including makeovers for some of the Transformers.


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