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The Purge Lands Top Spot At The Box Office


Despite the $3 million budget, The Purge dominated the box office this weekend. The horror film debut at #1 with an estimated $36.4 million, beating out some of the highest industry expectations.

The Purge, a story about a future where people are allowed to break the law for one day out of the year reached the largest opener for star, Ethan Hawke. The film usurped last year’s similar The Devil Inside and took the crown for the largest opening for an R-rated horror movie that wasn’t a remake or adaption.

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson brought their comedic duo back to the big screen with The Internship, which landed at #4 at the box office. The film went the opposite direction of the 2005 Wedding Crashers that had the pair rake in a total of $209.2 million. The Internship received poor reviews and a bad buzz that resulted in a lackluster opening.

Fast and the Furious 6 landed the #2 spot with $19.8 million. In total, the film has earned $202.9 million in domestic ticket sales, which is fastly approaching Fast Five. Now You See Me landed the #3 spot with $19.5 million for a total of $61.3 million total. The turnout to the film could have something to do with a recent interview with Jesse Eisenberg in which the reporter called him a jerk!

Superman is expected to have  a huge opening when it premieres on Friday.


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