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Struggling “Today” show plans leadership change

They tried to make Ann Curry the scape goat for poor rating, but since the popular news anchor was replaced with Savannah Guthrie, rating for the “Today” show have continued to plummet and now executives have decided to change up the show’s leadership.

An NBC executive has confirmed to the Associated Press that Jim Bell, the show’s executive producer who made the decision to can Curry, will be replaced in the near future. Alexandra Wallace will be taking over the helm until a replacement for Bell can be found.

For 17 years the “Today” show ruled the morning airwaves but after some initial slips in ratings they fell consistently behind competitor “Good Morning America” after Curry’s departure in June. The only exception came during the Olympics when the crew headed to London to cover the games.

Bell isn’t entirely without a job, according to NBS Sports he will take over as executive producer of NBC’s Olympic coverage.

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