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Stars Speak at Michael Clarke Duncan’s Funeral

Actor Michael Clarke Duncan was layed to rest yesterday at Forest Lawn cemetery and family, friends and former costars came out to remember the big man with a big heart. Best known for his Oscar-nominated role in Stephen King’s The Green Mile  Duncan worked with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood and they all describe the man as a 6 and half foot tall giant with a heart of gold. Hart Hanson, creator of Bones and The Finder, talked about all the fans that would approach Duncan seeking hugs rather than autographs. Jay Leno fought back tears as he had the following to say of Duncan: “In this cynical world of Hollywood, here was a guy who was happy for every job he got. Just to see such a pure heart and pure kindness…and to see him taken so early, there really are no sadder words than what might have been.”

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