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Star of MTV’s Real World Dead at 27

Joey Kovar, star of the 2008 season of MTV’s reality show the Real World was found dead today at a friend’s home in his home town of Chicago, Illinois. The aspiring actor  was found bleeding by a female friend who called 911. Emergency responders pronounced Kovar dead at the scene and according to TMZ it is believed that his death was connected to his battle with drug addiction. Fans watched Kovar struggle with drugs during his time on the Real World. Kovar left mid-season to seek help for his addictions later returning to the show only to leave again over fears of suffering a relapse. Kovar also appeared on the VH1 series Celebrity Rehab after suffering another relapse and abusing the drugs cocaine and ecstasy. Family, friends and fans await further news in regards to the tragic end of the young and troubled reality star.

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