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‘Skyfall’ breaks box-office history for Bond franchise

It’s been 50 years since James Bond first took to the big screen and if the latest box-office numbers are to be believed the spy is more popular than ever. ‘Skyfall’ marks the 23rd installment in the Bond film series and over the weekend it took in $90 million making it the biggest box-office opening in James Bond history. $87.8 million was generated in regular showings and another $2.2 million from IMAX and large format theater previews, according to Box Office Mojo.

The last film released, “Quantum of Solace,” was the previous opening weekend record holder, grossing an initial $67.5 million. 2006’s “Casino Royale” remains the highest overall grossing film; $594 million in worldwide ticket sales. The original Bond film, “Dr. No,” brought in $59.6 million back in 1962, with inflation that would be about $457 million today.

Also doing well over the weekend were new releases “wreck-It Ralph” and “Flight” which took in $33.1 million and $15.1 million respectively.

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