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Shannon Sarich (“Buff Barbie”) Of Bad Girls Club Season 10 Via @sarich_shannon

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Shannon Sarich, aka the “Buff Barbie,” is another crazy chick that’s on this season of Bad Girls Club taking place in Atlanta. The vicious vixen of season 10 currently resides in Portland, Oregon where she is surrounded by close loved ones.

Sarich’s bold and in your face attitude is the first thing you’ll notice about her, followed by her staggering beauty and the way she laughs at the mere thought of someone trying her. Sarich isn’t scared to throw hands with any chick, and she let’s it be known from the moment she steps foot in the house.

Sarich prides herself on being mastermind and manipulator, loves to be taken care of with the finer things in life and has been given everything from a Mercedes Benz to diamond jewelry and plastic surgery. This “daddy’s girl” once drafted up a fake pay stub in order to get a new car and maintain her expensive life of luxury.




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