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Hurricane Sandy Wreaks Havoc On Dina Lohan’s Neighborhood

If you had any doubts that karma is indeed real, then this story should be an eye opener for you. Two days ago Lindsay Lohan tweeted a message to all her followers that read “WHY is everyone in SUCH a panic about hurricane (i’m calling it Sally)..? Stop projecting negativity!”

Well the same hurricane that wasn’t an issue for Lindsay wreaked all sorts of havoc on her mom’s Long Island neighborhood. TMZ got some exclusive photos that showed boats on people’s front lawns in Dina Lohan’s neighborhood, which got there thanks to the very same hurricane Sandy that Lindsay dismissed only two days ago. Talk about karma.

Dina Lohan also told TMZ that a tree from her property was uprooted, ripping a rather large gash through her roof before landing in the pool. Thankfully, Dina Lohan was safely in the house with her kids Cody and Ali when Sandy decided to leave her personal touch in the neighborhood. Lindsay Lohan and her father Michael Jr. are currently stuck in NYC due to all the bridges and tunnels being closed, but are expected home soon.

Hopefully Sandy helped bring the family back closer after Lindsay claimed her mother kidnapped her back in early October.

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