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S2DIO CITY the amazing dance videos on Youtube


World class dancers of S2DIO City watch online via Youtube

There is a new group out there, well relatively new. There are some amazing dancers of different genres making some really cool videos for S2DIO City on Youtube. It is very cool to watch. Everything from break dancers to Balerinas are strutting their skills. Generally these dances are done in front of really cool setting such as abandoned buildings or great statues, political buildings, and more.

The official website links to their Youtube channel which is their main area to showcase the videos. Currently they have around 57,000 subscrivers and almost 4 Million video views across all of their 17 videos. There is about 40 minutes worth of content for you to go through and appreciate, IE watch over and over and over.

As somebody who loves dancing I enjoy watching these and wanted to share it with the world and all of those out there who want to learn from the best. If you learn even half of these moves you will surely be on your way to rocking that next party or dance battle!


OFFICIAL SITE: http://www.s2diocity.com/

Subscribe to the official channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/DS2DIO?feature=watch


You can check out many videos such as:

S2DIO CITY: THE HALL ft. Ian Eastwood [DS2DIO]





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