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Rihanna Places Restraining Order On Fan


Rihanna is far from shy when it comes to revealing things about her personal life. Fans are constantly updated on the singer’s moves through her posts on Instagram and Twitter. It’s probably a fact that Rihanna is the most loved celebrity at the moment, but one fan has gone a little too far.

According to court documents, the singer has filed a restraining order against Steveland Barrow on Tuesday. Barrow was arrested on February 22 for breaking into the Los Angeles home of a neighbor of Rihanna’s, mistakenly believing it was the home of the singer. Barrow not only took “various items from the home”, he also slept in a bed thinking it belonged to Rihanna. Barrow claimed that he had been invited to Rihanna’s residence and statedhe “had numerous pieces of poetry for her.”

The court documents state that Barrow caused Rihanna to “fear for her safety”. The restraining order is temporary and mandates that Barrow to stay at least 100 yards from the singer. The parties are set to appear in court on March 21 to make the arrangement more permanent.

This is not the first incident the celebrity has faced. In 2010, Zentil Vanzellas was arrested for stalking Rihanna  and spent 277 days in prison. It is currently unknown as to where Barrow is at the present time.


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