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Raquel “Rocky” Santiago (“The Cali Contender”) Of Bad Girls Club Season 10 Via @prettygrl_rocky

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Raquel “Rocky” Santiago, aka “The Cali Contender,” is a fiery Latina that took the bad girls club mansion by storm once she stepped up and replaced Nicole Vargas after her huge brawl with another cast member.

Santiago didn’t stand a chance in the house, and was already marked before she even stepped foot in the once the girls saw her picture and decided that they weren’t having it. From there she was always the centerpiece of whatever huge piece of drama that went on in the house. “The Cali Contender” didn’t back down from the pressure, and instead stepped up and was willing to go toe to toe with anyone and everyone who dared to try her.

The very first day she was there Rocky was already causing trouble by using other girl’s makeup brushes to clean toliets and rubbing up on other chicks while at a lesbian night club. Rocky was the undisputed public enemy number one from the moment she got in the house.




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