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Randy Travis pleads not guilty to assault charges


Mega country star Randy Travis told reporters that he didn’t do it and pleads not guilty to assault charges stemming from a ruckus in the parking lot of a church in late August. A March 11th court date has been set to discover just what really happened when Travis was cited after allegedly getting involved with an argument between his girlfriend and her ex husband. Travis has had trouble with the law before including suspicion of public intoxication and driving under the influence as well as threatening an officer.  Travis’s attorney was singing a different tune, telling people that Travis had stepped in as a good-samaritan to help and not to attack.Travis has had his issues but is now looking to turn his life around.

“Randy is no longer drinking any alcohol,” Friedman told the Morning News. “He’s committed to a new fitness regimen that includes a strict three-hour workout every day and a new high-protein diet.”

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