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Production resumes on ‘Dallas’ without actor Larry Hagman

The world was saddened to say goodbye to veteran actor Larry Hagman late last week but as they say in Hollywood, the show must go on. Production is planned to resume tomorrow on the reboot of the classic television series ‘Dallas’ and produces are planning a special send-of for Hagman’s character J.R. Ewing, a role that he reprised in the new TNT series.

According to a source close to the show, the crew was in the middle of filming the 6th episode of the series’ second season at the time of Hagman’s passing. It’s unclear whether Hagman completed enough footage to appear in the 6th episode but he will be featured in at least the first five episodes when season 2 premieres on January 28th.  In the meantime show writers are working out a storyline that will give Hagman and his beloved role as a conniving oil tycoon a proper send-off.

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