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Prince Harry Speaks On Nude Photo Scandal


Right before he prepares for a four month combat deployment to Camp Bastion,  Prince Harry has finally spoken out about the nude photos scandal from August. The Prince of England admitted to various news outlets  that  he had let his family down.

“It was probably a classic example of me probably being too much army, and not enough prince. It’s a simple case of that” said Prince Harry to journalists as he sat on a parked Apache helicopter in Afghanistan during a recent series of interviews. This was the first time he spoke about the photo scandal involving his naked antics in Las Vegas. The 28 year old royal was photographed naked in a Las Vegas hotel room during a game of strip billards with a handful of women.

“The newspapers knew that I was going away to Afghanistan, yet still published the photos,”  he said. Adding, “at the end of the day, I was in a private area and there should be a certain amount of privacy.” The royal army-man felt that he was being victimized by the press. “So the way I was treated by them I don’t think is acceptable,” he said.

Prince Harry has had a rough history with the media. In 1997, an aggressive paparazzo caused the death of his mother, Princess Diana. “I think it’s fairly obviously how far back it goes, it’s when I was very small.”


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