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PepsiCo release new Citrus Charge Mountain Dew

PepsiCo Releases New Citrus Charge Mountain Dew

Hey guys, we love PepsiCo here and it is always fun watching them and some of their brands like Mountain Dew for all of the great advertising campaigns that we see over time. You can check out one of their recent commercials for Mountain Dew here where a guy collides with a giant Mountain dew balloon at high speed in the air which looks like a blast. What happens is a crane has him held back on one side and the giant balloon on the other side and both drop at the same time.

When they collide a giant burst of Mountain Dew comes out which must be quite interesting to go through and quite tasty of all things to go into at high speed. If you’re looking for a great drink that will satisfy your energy needs and get you some sugar to refuel you when your’re doing the extreme then you better grab your Mountain Dew!

Don’t forget to watch the commercial that we have below so you can see the official “Citrus Charge Experiment” for the new Citrus Charge Mountain Dew. They also have it in diet version in case you need something a little healthier to match your diet. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below after you have watched the video as well as if you would want to do the experiment as well. It looks fun to us especially the part after where the guy sprays the Mountain Dew all over like champagne! Should you want to try the whole champagne popping thing we recommend that you chill your new Citrus Charge before trying to get it to explode everywhere as the carbonation will build up.

Want to stay connected to the cool scene? Don’t forget to like Mountain Dew’s Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/MountainDewCanada


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