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Parents Of Amanda Bynes Seeking Conservatorship

Finally the parents of Amanda Bynes are stepping up. They have requested a conservatorship over their daughter due to her outrageous behavior, according to a new report.

Lynn and Rick Bynes are seeking a temporary conservatorship to be set up that would give them control over their daughter’s affairs. Recently, the trouble actor was detained and hospitalized on Monday after allegedly setting a fire in the driveway of a home near her parents. One witness described Bynes’ state as “frantic and discombobulated.”

If a judge grants this request, Bynes’ parents will have legal charge over her finances, medical, and personal affairs for as long as the court sees fit. They need to show evidence that their daughter is unwell and not able to care for herself or affairs.

This arrangement is similar to what Britney Spears’ father did for her in 2007. The singer had many public outburst including the infamous shaving of her head and banging on ex-husband, Kevin Federline’s vehicle with an umbrella. Now, Spears is preparing for anew album and recently had a stint as a judge on The X Factor. We hope the same works out for Amanda Bynes.

Bynes has made news by her strange behavior on Twitter and in public. The latest takes the cake and could be exactly what her parents needed to get her help.


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