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One Direction’s Niall Horan Shuts Down Car Accident Rumors


One Directioner fans can breath easy. OD band member, Niall Horan was believed to have been in a car accident according to a number of reports from hit blogs on Tuesday night in London. Apparently, the story is just a rumor.

Blogs were reporting that the One Directioner  was involved in a vehicular collision in London. They claimed that Horan escaped uninjured after his Range Rover slid off the road after skidding on a patch of ice while heading home from Heathrow Airport.

The singer went to his Twitter to address the stories as what they are,  rumors. “I was not in a crash and that is not my car,” tweeted Horan. “Always rumors.”

The story, reported by the Herald Sun, stated that the One Direction star was in a car accident while waving to fans as he was sitting in the front-seat passenger in the Range Rover. The report claims that the 19-year-old shakily climbed out of the vehicle after the accident.

The band is used to the media by now, as they rose to super stardom after finishing in third place on “The X Factor”. Since then, the group has made headlines with their music and personal lives. Recently, One Directions’ band member, Harry Styles, has been in the news for his short relationship with country singer, Taylor Swift.


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