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Olivia Culpo crowned Miss Universe


The reigning Miss Universe didn’t always plan on being a beauty queen, just a year and a half ago Olivia Culpo was a typical college sophomore with no pageant experience. “My first pageant was last October…I was studying acting in college, and I figured [pageants] would help my stage performance and my ability to perform for others, so I just went for it,” she told Us Weekly after her big win Wednesday night. She went on to explain that initially her parents were less than enthusiastic about her interest in pageants; “My parents didn’t think it was a good idea and I ended up getting my dress the night before. It was a $20 Rent-the-Runway gown that was too short [and had] a hole in the back of it.”
The dress didn’t prevent Olivia  Culpa from wowing the judges who crowned the accomplished cellist Miss Rhode Island. Within a few short months the Culpa, who says that she was chubby and a nerd growing up, went on to take the Miss USA title and now Miss Universe as well.

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