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Nude Photos Of Arnold Schwarzenegger Surface From Storage


According to TMZ, there have been recent reports that an old photo of a young Arnold performing a sex act have surfaced. The photo comes apart of a treasure trove of artifacts that have been discovered in a storage space owned by the late Penthouse founder Bob Guccione.

The New York Posts reports, the photo of the former governor was found along with a bunch of other interesting items. They were found by a New York hedge fund manager, Jeremy Frommer, who bought a bunch of lockers from Guccione after the magazine creator went bankrupt.

Some of the items include unpublished nude photos of Madonna and actress Lauren Hutton, and Guccione’s personal files detailing his decision to publish pictures of  then-Miss America, Vanessa Williams,which led to her giving up her crown. Along with thousands of pornographic photos, the storage  included letters from Dick Cheney and the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, who corresponded with Guccione through letters sharing his political ideologies that he demanded to be published. Original footage from the infamous semi-pornographic 1979 film ‘Caligula’ was found as well.

Jeremy Frommer also has 63 oil paintings by Guccione in his possession along with personal notes about his business empire. He plans to work with film producer Rick Shwartz to curate and preserve the collection for an exhibition of some of the material.


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