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Nina Davuluri Crowned As First Indian-American Miss America

On Sunday, September 15, USA crowned its first Indian-American winner as Miss America. Miss New York, Nina Davuluri took home the coveted crown who competed on the platform of “celebrating diversity through cultural competency”. This year may have included some of the most diverse contestants this year with a tattooed Army sergeant to a woman who was born without part of her arm.

Davuluri, a native of Syracuse, N.Y, wowed the audience with her performance of  a Bollywood dance routine for her talent. She graciously answered the question about plastic surgery. “Be confident in who you are!” She is the second Asian-American winner, following Filipino contestant, Angela Perez-Baraquio.

“I’m so happy this organization has embraced my diversity. I’m thankful there are children watching at home who can finally relate to a new Miss America.” She is the second consecutive Miss New York to win the coveted crown, succeeding Mallory Hogan.

Her winning didn’t come without negativity. Some viewers took to social media to express their disgust with an Indian American winning Miss America. “I have to rise above that,” she said. “I always viewed myself as first and foremost American.”

Nina plans to apply for medical school to become a doctor like her father, which is now feasible with her wins of $50,000 in scholarship money.

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