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New Tom Tom Commercial Featuring Alexandria Morgan Running Strapless

Strapless Video Run

Want to track your athletic activity more easily?

You  can easily track your athletic activity without having to wear a chest strap by using one of the new watches from Tom Tom which features a touch screen on it and can monitor your heart-rate. This is perfect for all of you out there who need to wear a watch when running anyways to track your time but also want extra functionality. Tom Tom is a respected brand for their mapping technology and other related devices so it is perfect that they have jumped into this category as well with this new product. Their video for the campaign is even better! Maybe because I am a guy…. but Alexandria Morgan is quite hot and she runs without one of those chest straps to monitor her heart rate in this video. 

Above you can see her sporting the Tom Tom device on her wrist and doing so with pleasure, or in french as we say, Avec Pleasur! Anyways the watch that is featured at the end, that she has on too, is pink and white with some black highlights so it is perfect for the females out there. They likely have some guy versions as well with some different colors. There are other functions built into this activity monitoring device as well so you will have to go check out their site to get the full list.

Ready to drop your jaws?!?! Watch the video below to see this technology in action and see the beautiful Alexandria running with it. We can’t wait to try one of these and get our running on, enjoy!

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Visit the watch directly on their site: http://www.tomtom.com/en_us/products/your-sports/running/tomtom-runner-cardio-gps-watch/white/

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